Soa Certification

Because of the fast growth of its organisation and its unfailing care for the improvement of its qualifications, FARINA COSTRUZIONI has been certified to SOA RINA standards as well.

SOA RINA, or Società Organismo Attestazione, is a licensed body that rates a company’s ability and reliability, as well as its eligibility as a contractor.

The certification consists in a review of the legal requirements a company has to meet before it can bid in public tenders. This certification replaces the old ANC and is an essential requirement.

Any SOA can issue the certificate after checking the company fulfils the requirements laid down for each category it wishes to bid on. Such requirements include the company’s turnover, number of completed projects, staff costs, technical equipment, and implementation of all or part of a Quality System.

Such certificate is compulsory to prove a company is eligible to bid in public tenders worth over 150,000 €.

However, there are other reasons why such certificate is so essential. The law has been amended to the effect that a qualification certificate is the only prerequisite needed to prove a company’s eligibility as a contractor.


In this scenario, the certificate is no longer just a legal formality but also a way to ensure a higher degree of transparency and fairness, thus protecting the bidder and the end users of the public work.

Farina Costruzioni srl is SOA RINA-certified for the following contract categories:

  • OG01
    Residential and industrial buildings VI
    Up to 10,329,138.00 euros
  • OG02
    Restoration and maintenance of listed buildings… II
    Up to 516.457,00 euros
  • 0G3
    Roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts, railways, subways… II
    Up to 516.457,00 euros
  • 0G11
    High-tech systems III
    Up to 1,032,913.00 euros
  • OS06
    Finishing of wood, plastics, metal or glass constructions III