The restoration of a monumental building raises a few problems, depending on the type of work or project.

Achieving optimal aesthetic and functional results when applying technological innovation to a historical-artistic building requires appropriate skills and expertise, not only in the process but also in the restrictions laid down by the Fine Arts Services.

With our decade-long experience in the restoration of public buildings under the supervision of the Fine Arts Services, we have developed the best solutions for any technical, operational or bureaucratic problem.

With the expertise handed down by four generations of businessmen and the ongoing improvement of the technical skills of its staff, Farina Costruzioni has always managed to promptly provide reasonable professional solutions, in accordance with the tendering requirements and the applicable regulations; all this, while respecting the historical and artistic relevance of a building, the developments and changes it has undergone over the centuries after a collapse or a restoration, following a diagnostic survey of the types and condition of its materials.

Specialist restoration must be sympathetic with the archaeological materials and the techniques that have been used over the centuries.

One further problem is the conversion of a building into a place for contemporary living, which means adapting the building to the needs of its new purpose; which means recovering its functions, making its plants safe, and solving any hidden problem.

Our professional standards as restorers are now SOA RINA-certified in the OG 02 category, a prerequisite to prove we qualify as restoration contractors and can work on listed buildings.