Our History

The FARINA family made its debut in the building industry in 1918 with ADELMO FARINA, very successfully ran the first military section of the Pontoneer Corps who for three years; but it was in 1921 that ADELMO, with uncommon professionalism and a great passion for the building industry, made his debut as a building contractor by opening his own business.

In just a few years, ADELMO FARINA’s company proudly completed countless great building and road projects, some of which abroad, commissioned by the Defence Ministry.

In the Fifties and Sixties, Adelmo’s son ZELINDO, after gaining a diploma and acquiring extensive experience as a building contractor abroad, in countries that were technologically more advanced back then, extended the business to such clients as the Post Ministry;
In addition, he started working for private clients as well, improving product quality all the time.
In the late Seventies, Zelindo’s son ROSSANO founded FARINA ROSSANO.

That was a time of innovation, with the company equipping itself with cutting-edge technology, improving its staff’s living standards, cutting down on delivery time, increasing the number and size of its sites, even if the industry was going through a very rough time.

In 1985, Rossano’s brother FABIO, after completing his studies, joined the family business, taking its technical organisations to unprecedented levels and launching a training and specialisation scheme for executives as well.
The experience gained in public and private buildings and the QUALITY POLICY that has been unfailingly endorsed by the company as its own philosophy and that has been officially certified since the Nineties, have led FARINA ROSSANO, under FABIO’s technical direction, to serve such clients as the Justice Ministry, the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage, where contracts involve special skills and superior quality standards.
Relying on the skills gained over the years, not least on the family’s business management studies, a new company was born: FARINA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L..
New markets opened up, resources were reinvested in property, new businesses were opened to meet the needs of different investment plans: sole-proprietor firms, limited companies, unlimited partnerships, corporations. Under the guidance of FARINA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L., GRUPPO FARINA was thus incorporated and widely established.

Nowadays, FARINA COSTRUZIONI SRL can boast an experience of over 90 years gained through 4 generations and continued with the same passion by SIMONE, ROSSANO’s son.
Since then, we have been pursuing customer satisfaction as our main goal, and this has led us to improve our experience and the quality of our products all the time.

FARINA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. specialises in private and public building contracts, and also works as a contractor for third parties, relying on its experience, on cutting-edge equipment and technology and highly-skilled staff, with great care for industrial safety and environmental respect.