Building Contracts

FARINA COSTRUZIONI specialises in residential buildings, tenders and subcontracts, relying on its own experience and the help of the best professionals.

Every project is supervised from the design stage through to the end and tailored to the requirements of any customer.

Through a combination of craftsmanship and modern technology, and the usual care, skills and professional standards, no building is too difficult for us.

We monitor the workflow at every stage, from the supply of materials to the installation and inspection of the finished work, and use highly skilled labour, so we take the greatest care of details and finishes and can deliver our projects quite quickly.

Most functional projects, greatest customer satisfaction and value for money.

With our experience, we did and do proactively respond to the requirements of any designer or site manager, even when we have to solve complex technical problems about such materials as marble or steel in major architectural works.

Such as the trailblazing project of the roof of Carrara Fiere Headquarters.